Our philosophy is inspired by the Japanese term SOKA, which means "Value Creation", which is our corporate purpose. This is our company's purpose, and it is completed with Pharma, to meet all the needs of this demanding sector.

We believe in research, in the pursuit of health and innovation; in the power of food supplements that strengthen our energy and in the beauty of things well done.

Therefore, our passion is to help create supplements that care for the health and quality of life of children and adults, as well as animals, and our vocation is to do it from the beginning, accompanying our customer's needs. And we launch ourselves to develop each project with the expertise of a team with a long scientific trajectory and with the vision of a new way of generating business for our partners.

We create innovation

Continuous innovation is part of our culture as a unique way of researching and developing projects. The team of experts in food technology, human nutrition, chemists and biologists that make up our R&D laboratory assesses each development, compares it with the latest market trends and innovations in components, actives and technology, and applies open innovation to offer strategic improvements. We imagine what no one has asked for yet, suggest changes to our customers, present advantageous alternatives to create high value-added products and keep innovating.

We create tailored

We are specialists, so our production capacity allows us to make tailor-made projects, either with more limited productions or with large volumes. We collaborate in the development of each project, partially or totally, so that our clients can grow and consolidate at their own pace.

And we do it with your measures in mind: - Delivery times. - Limited costs. - Assured quality. - Quick response to possible unforeseen events.

We Co-Create

Our way of creating value arises from collaboration at all stages of project development with our clients and our suppliers. Trust, confidentiality and communication are axioms that lead us to co-create joint projects. All this process is carried out under the authorship and the basic requirements of our clients, to become their strategic partners, providing a professional, personalized treatment, with quick and clear answers. Versatility and adaptation to demand.


ZOKA has an international vocation at its core. We respond to our customers outside our borders in almost the entire world, with an internationalization team capable of adapting projects to the needs of each market, so that they obtain a value proposition that allows them to be leaders in their markets.

European Registration:

Registation on the European Cosmetic product portal and National registrations.

Manufacturing and Packing:

Manufacturing in accordance with CODEX alimentarius and HACCP standards.

Warehousing and Logistics:

We warehouse your finished product, order management and shipments.

Technical Advisory And Innovation:

Advice and analysis regarding product ranges and market trends.

Product Development:

Customised formulas and Galenic developments with pilot tests and stability trials

Packaging Design:

Advice about packaing formats and graphic design.

We create quality. We create loyalty.

Being the creation of products that improve the health of children, adults and animals our leitmotiv, we seek excellence to obtain the highest quality in our formulas, ensuring it with certifications that confirm the effectiveness of our products, processes and work protocols. Each certification commits us to maximum rigor in our activity, ensuring quality at all stages of development and offering standards with which we consolidate the loyalty of our customers. Because we create quality. Because we create long-term relationships. Because we create the future.

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