Infant baby formulas

Wide range of infant baby products that cover all nutrional needs for newborn babies

Wide range

  • Regular baby milk: formulas for newborn, follow-on and growth
  • Special formulas

Various market positionings

  • Standard, premium and high premium formulas

Spacialised manufacturing plant

  • Dry mix process
  • Highly automated state-of-the-art technology
  • Pneumatic transport in dense phase by aspiration
  • Packed in inert atmosphere, less than 1% residual oxygen guarantee
  • Laser QR can unit coding
  • Spooncup.
  • Strict quality control and traceability SAE3
  • 4.0 Integral ERP management systems
  • Strict quality control and traceability: SAE3
  • 4.0 Integral ERP management systems.